Ape x Machina

Built for the Metaverse

Minting Soon

Ape X Machina


Material: Customizable
9ft 10in
Carrying Load:                    3,000lbs
Top Speed: 69mph
-75F to 200F
AI Software: AP3.1.0


We created Ape X Machina with a goal of combining passion and creation with the future. Our mission is to bring forward the ultimate metaverse experience.


Gweiz Robotics’ amazing team of designers have already begun the journey of bringing Ape X to life. After mint, we will begin builiding our metavese terrain, and rigging our robots to be “fully ready for use.”

We are committed to completing a line of customizable robots and wearables, and to set the bar for avatars in this burgeoning digital world.


Phase 1

Genesis Ape X Machina Collection LaunchExpected mint date: April 2022. Companion NFT claim.

Phase 2

Purchase and Development of NFTWorlds LandOur team will begin development of an immerse playground for your Ape X and its companions to explore. There will be constantly evolving playgrounds in which we’ll be hosting events and competitions with prizes!


Wearables, Gear, & GameplayYour Ape X will need gear to have fun: think hoverboards, anti-gravity boots, etc. Development of all the gear you will need to fully participate in oursand box playground will happen concurrently with land development.

Phase 3

Ape X Machina Metavese LaunchPlay begins! We’ll be hosting weekly events for cash and NFT prizes!

As we build out our roadmap, we’ll announce updated timelines and details surrounding our project. Check back soon for information about our VIP experience, mint dates, and more.

Disclaimer: Gweiz Robotics is a non-fungible token(NFT) producer, and not selling actual robotics to the public.